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21st Aug 2018

Woman started drinking other people’s breastmilk for a bizarre reason

Jade Hayden


Losing weight can be tough.

You’re constantly being tempted by different foods, not wanting to exercise as much as you have to, and eagerly drinking all the breastmilk you can find.

What? You mean that’s not how you lose weight? Madness.

One woman has been doing it for a long time and she says it’s been working for her and hey, who are we to judge the life choices of another person?

(Disclaimer: drinking breastmilk has not been and probably never will be related to weight loss. If you want to lose a few pounds, please don’t go buying breastmilk online.


Bianca Collins told The Mirror after her relationship ended, she wanted to lose some weight – so she joined a gym and started buying a load of breastmilk online from an unknown website.

She incorporated this milk into protein shakes, smoothies, and essentially everything she could think of, and apparently she lost about two stone in a few months.

Fair play to her but, you know, the weight loss isn’t to do with the breastmilk drinking.

If you want to get fit, take a look at your diet, join a gym, and ensure you’re being as healthy as you can be – that’s probably the best way to go about it.