Parents criticised after letting their child use plane as 'jungle gym' 3 months ago

Parents criticised after letting their child use plane as 'jungle gym'

As any parent knows, bringing your children away on holiday is what we all work so hard for, but getting them there is as stressful as it gets.

Flying is stressful at the best of times even when we don't have children with us, but one set of parents are now being criticised for the unwritten rule of what not to do when travelling with children.

One flyer took to Reddit to share their frustration after a recent flight they were on turned into the last place they wanted to be.

According to the post, one child was let run up and down the aisles and use the plane as their own "personal jungle gym".

Putting the parents of the child on blast, they criticised the parents as they claimed they let the child hang their feet over the top of a seat, and even had a picture to prove it.

After sharing the post, other Reddit users joined in, sharing their "what not to let your child do on a plane" stories.

One wrote: "I was on five-ish hour flight with a couple of friends years ago. One of my friends bought a meat and cheese plate. A kid, I'd guess about six or seven, in a seat in front of us tried reaching his foot through the crack in between the seats so he could drag the plate close enough that he could reach it with his hands and steal it."

"All his mum said was 'I guess you're hungry' and ordered him the same thing. No scolding the child, or apologising to us, or any acknowledgment beyond 'he's hungry'."


Another shared: "That's f***ing disgusting. I don't know how people are so calm about kids doing things like this!"

"Your flight attendants should have put a stop to this. It is unsafe", another added.

"I never understood why people just let their kids do whatever they want to do." someone else said.


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