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30th Nov 2018

This €25 dress just dropped in Penneys and it’s PERFECT for the festive season

Jade Hayden

V glam.

It’s officially Christmas party season which means two things.

You’re going to be suspiciously drunk off the bar tab with people you don’t really know all that well from the office. And you’re going to look unreal while doing it.

A big part of the whole looking unreal sitch comes down the sheer number of divine outfits you’re going to pick up over the holiday season and probably accidentally never wear again because there are only a certain number of events you can rock a sheer bodysuit in fairness.

There’s probably a few places you can wear the below dress though.

Like, your one in the pic has teamed it with a jumper so it’s definitely office-appropriate wear.


The sequins dress will only set you back a solid 25 quid too and to be honest, yeah, you’ll get a load of wear out of it over Christmas and New Years as long as nobody takes any pics of you so it doesn’t look like you’re literally wearing the same outfit to every single event.

But even if it does, sure look, what can you do.

The dress is a part of a load of other sparkly bits that have recently landed in Penneys too, so if it’s not at all to your taste, you can always just get one of the other hundreds of items.