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25th Nov 2017

Doing this one thing could save you a fortune when shopping on ASOS

And not just this weekend.

Anna O'Rourke

It’s pretty obvious when you think about it.

Do you have Black Friday/ Cyber Monday fatigue or are you still buzzing about all of the deals to be had?

Whether you’re finished your shopping, still in the middle of it or have avoided it altogether this weekend, anyone who loves a bit of retail therapy online will appreciate this tip.

We all love ASOS – that’s a given. There’s often serious value to be had and the selection is fab. Maybe too fab…

Anyway. One of our favourite things about ASOS is that it stocks so many of our favourite brands, meaning you can do a sweep of a few different ones all on one order. Job.

However, we’ve only just noticed that you’ll often end up spending a little more on some items on the ASOS site than you would on the brands’ own sites.

Take this Missguided trench.

ASOS has it priced at €87.83, while it’s just €68 on the brand’s own site, a difference of almost €20.

This fab Lavish Alice dress also caught our eye.

It retails at €81.08 on ASOS but you could pick it up for €71 (just over a tenner less) on the Lavish Alice website.

Finally, this jacket by Monki. It’s unreal and, you guessed it, has two different price tags.

On ASOS it costs €128.37 but it’s just €100 on the Monki website, almost €30 in the difference.

Now, it goes without saying that this isn’t scientific, it’s just something we’ve spotted.

ASOS is doing 20 per cent off at the moment while other sites might not be; plus ASOS has free delivery, which always helps.

Still, it’s worth comparing different sites next time you make an order to make sure you’re getting the best deal.