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19th Apr 2019

Penneys is now selling a dupe of these popular Adidas runners

A look for less - sorted.

Denise Curtin

Get them while you can.

Penneys has just added another noticeable dupe to their shelves. If you’re a lover of runners or follow Kylie Jenner, then the chances are you’ve seen or lusted over Adidas’ Falcon trainers.

The pair which cost just over €100 come in a variety of colours, with the pink, black and blue version among their best-sellers (we can thank the Kar-Jenner effect for that one).

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And now, since the show has become ever so popular, Penneys have dished out a dupe for you to copy the trend for less than €20.

The runners feature the same shape and design as their more expensive counterparts and on a quick glance you’d easily mistake them for the real deal.

And what better way to complete the look than in true Kylie style by adding a pair of cycling shorts and an oversized hoodie.

We’re all for the comfort and so, we pray this sports-luxe trend never ends as we’d happily wear it to every event ever from here on.

Cycling shorts – €6

And with Penneys cycling shorts, we love to theme them with an oversized hoodie. Keeping things tight on the bottom and loose on the top helps to keep your look contrasting and comfy.

Someday we’ll nail the bikini top/cycling shorts hybrid but today isn’t the day.

In The Style – €18

A look we love for less. Sorted.

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