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22nd Apr 2016

Survey Finds That Majority Of Men Use Their Partner’s Beauty Products


Ever noticed that your moisturiser has run out rather quickly? Well, it might not be your imagination, it could be your other half.

A new study, conducted by Gillette, has revealed that almost two thirds of men have admitted to using one of their partner’s beauty products.

Out of the 2,000 men from Ireland and the UK that were asked, just under a fifth said that they have used their other half’s moisturiser in the last month while over 10 per cent have nabbed their tweezers.

And it’s not just products that men borrow from their partners, almost a quarter of guys still turn to them for approval on their style choices.

The survey also found out that the average male gets two treatments a month with facials and eyebrow waxes at the top of the list.

And they say we’re high maintenance!