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12th Mar 2015

These pants have a waiting list of 12,000 people

We want in

A pair of trousers designed by a US company have sparked a fashion frenzy, with a whopping 12,000 people adding their names to the waiting list.

Ethical clothing company Everlane spent 12 months designing the trousers and sourcing the perfect fabric, eventually settling on two styles: a ‘slim’ ($98) and a ‘slouch’ ($120) fit.



Explaining their choice of factory in Dongguan, China on the company website, Everlane said: “For our first foray into pants, we wanted to work with someone we could trust and rely on. A very close friend introduced us to this factory. His family has been working with them for years, and as of 2014, we’re happy to say that we do too.

“We tested many different fabrics before settling on the right one for our women’s pant. We ultimately decided upon two different fabrics and two different designs – and two completely different pairs of pants.”

The Women’s Straight Leg Pant is made with stretch wool for a modern, tailored fit while our Women’s Pleated Pant is made with smooth 100% wool for a fluid drape.

Both styles are available in two colours: black and navy. Honestly? We can’t help but want them both.