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05th Oct 2015

3 trusted techniques to combat tired eyes and dark circles fast


It’s Monday. You’ve got tired, Panda eyes and it feels like nothing will work only a litre of coffee. We totally get it. So, we’ve done the research and bring you these really easy tricks to treating tired eyes with a few trusted, age-old natural remedies used for generations.

Trust us, these really work:

1. De-puff

Tip your face forward and place three forefingers along your lower eye socket. Repeatedly press the pads of your fingers along that bone, slowly and steadily working to move the fluid from the area, but make sure you use a feather touch for this Ayurvedic technique. Work from the middle of the face outwards.

2. Eye-nergise

Focus on a small object in the distance. Breathe three deep breaths in and out. Now focus on a large object in front of you and practice the same technique. This redirects oxygen to the muscles of the eyes. Hey, presto you have instantly energised eyes.


3. Eye mask

Once a week blend a quarter of a cucumber with one egg white and two teaspoons of Aloe Vera juice. Use a clean make-up brush to layer this mix on to your delicate and tired eye area. I use the remaining liquid on my hands too which lifts dull skin.


If you have any questions on targeting particular areas of the skin or body, hit me up: