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29th Jan 2024

Three travel hacks to make your next family trip a breeze

Sarah McKenna Barry

Brought to you by PayPal

Ease your travel worries with these smart tips and tricks.

As we all try to beat the January blues, what better way than planning your next holiday? Whether you’re off to the ski slopes, chasing some winter sunshine or visiting friends and family, getting the whole family ready for a getaway is easier said than done.

However, with careful planning and some clever tips and tricks, you can cut down on that pre-travel stress before you even hit the road. To help set you up for holiday bliss, we’ve teamed up with PayPal to bring you three travel hacks to make your next trip a breeze. From a smart packing approach to enjoying peace of mind at the booking stage, these tips will help you cut down on stress, freeing you up to enjoy this special time with your family.

1. Pack children’s outfits together

Before you pack, group whole outfits together and roll them up. Not only will this ensure that your child will have something to wear for each day of the holiday, but it makes dressing them in the morning much easier. Simply grab a pre-rolled bundle and you’re good to go!

2. Pack plenty of toys

For long journeys, it’s essential to keep little ones entertained, so pack plenty of toys that they can enjoy from their seats. When you’ve got a long travel day ahead, fidget spinners, colouring books, storybooks, puzzles and games can go a long way!

3. Check out with PayPal

When booking flights, accommodation and experiences, checkout securely with PayPal for your purchase experience. With PayPal, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that PayPal works hard to keep your transactions secure each step of the way.

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