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12th Sep 2023

TikTok mum warns others not to make common mistake with baby names

Sophie Collins

A mother holding her new born baby

“You’re naming adults, not babies”

Several mums on TikTok are advising parents to be wary of what they decide to name their children, amid a rise in particularly unique names.

While some parents opt to give their children traditional names like Sarah or John, there has been an increase in babies being given names they’ll likely “grow out of”.

That is according to one TikTok mum, Ruby, who stitched a video from another TikTok creator explaining that when she named her kids, she named them as “adults not babies”.

More and more people are advising soon-to-be mums to put a lot of thought and foresight into the naming process, no matter what.

Ruby agreed with this, and said that when she named her daughter, she wanted to make sure it was a name she would never “outgrow”.

Mum kissing baby's forehead

In the viral video, which has garnered a hefty 11 millions views so far, she said: “The whole concept when I was trying to look for a name and choose a name for her is I did not want her to outgrow her name.

“I wanted the name to fit her as a baby, as a toddler, as a child and into adulthood. So, it’s like I really am happy with what I ended up with naming her and it just fits her so well”.

She captioned the video, “love having nicknames as they are younger, and it doesn’t mean they will prefer it over their name as they get older, just gives them options”.

Most people agreed

After the video went viral, thousands of TikTok users jumped into Ruby’s comment section agreeing with her.

One person responded: “Imagine a 30 year old named Posie and Sunday”.

On the other side of the argument, some joked that babies with “adult” names can be a bit unsettling as well.

“I’m not holding no Barbara,” one user commented.

Another profile said that nicknames work perfectly right now and it ensures that her kid’s names will transfer seamlessly into adulthood.

Pregnant woman gazing at ultrasound picture of her baby

“I have a Joseph and a Liliana, but they’re little so they’re Joey and Lili,” she explained.

In a follow-up video, Ruby revealed the names of her children after several commenters said they wanted to know.

Ruby revealed that her daughter’s name is Karla Esmeralda and said: “I just really liked how simple, how bold, and strong that the name by itself just really kind of is.

“Doing some research names with the letter K tend to be like very bold and powerful names so I really wanted it with a K and not with a C.

“And then for her middle name, Esmeralda, her grandpa is the one that chose that one. And we really liked it.

“We thought it was a beautiful name. I just didn’t like the way that it flowed as a using it as a first name so we stuck that as her middle name and so that’s how we got her name”.


While most commented that Ruby’s daughter’s name was beautiful, others criticised her for naming her daughter with an old-school name.

“You named a grandma,” one user wrote, while another added, “Karla … u cannot be talkin bout other kids names fr”.

Ruby quickly responded and wrote: “Everyone has their reasons when choosing a name, these were mine. Each to their own. Some names I’m definitely surprised with but not my babies”.