Support floods in for Charlie Bird after broadcaster suffers another fall 1 day ago

Support floods in for Charlie Bird after broadcaster suffers another fall

Charlie Bird was hospitalised after another fall but thankfully there are "no broken bones"

Social media has exploded with support for RTÉ's Charlie Bird after he experience another fall and was hospitalised in Dún Laoghaire on Wednesday. Charlie was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2021 and has since captured the hearts of the nation who follow his journey religiously.

Wednesday's fall comes just a few weeks after his last that left him badly bruised and very fragile.

Last night, the star took to Twitter to thank the healthcare professionals at Dún Laoghaire Hospital and to give his followers an update.

He called the hospital staff "heroes".

Charlie wrote: "I had another bad fall yesterday, but frontline medical people looked after me so well in Michaels hospital this morning.

"No broken bones and I want to extend the hand of friendship to all our great medical workers who look after all of us so well every day. You are heroes."


"Most of all, your spirit is still very much intact"

His post was met with a huge amount of support from people all across the country.

One follower wrote: "Ah Charlie sorry to hear that, may the healing be quick, take care.

"Glad you got to meet Bruce. Sending love and friendship from someone who hasn't met you, but who has felt what you have done for others. You are the hero and those who have met you and are to meet you are blessed."

Another supporter took the opportunity to praise the healthcare staff in Ireland.

They said: "So sorry to see this, Charlie. I hope that you are not in too much discomfort after that. Well done to our fabulous medics. Always there for us through thick and thin."

This person wrote: "So sorry to hear this Charlie, but also very glad to hear that you’ve no broken bones and most of all, your spirit is still very much intact.

"Our frontline workers are the angels on this earth. You rest up, with Tiger by your side," another fan shared.


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