10-year-old Uvalde shooting survivor finally leaves hospital after two months 1 week ago

10-year-old Uvalde shooting survivor finally leaves hospital after two months

The most emotional video.

Mayah Zamora has finally left hospital after two months.

The young girl is the final Uvalde shooting survivor to leave hospital.

University Health in San Antonio, Texas shared a moving video of Mayah leaving the hospital.

As she walked down the hospital corridor, the young girl handed out roses to the staff who treated her.

The 10-year-old girl looked overjoyed as she said goodbye to the staff.

The staff cheered as Mayah left the hospital. They also chanted "Mayah! Mayah! Mayah!" as she said goodbye.

The hospital tweeted, "Today was a happy day at University Hospital!"


"Our final patient from the Uvalde shooting, 10-year-old Mayah Zamora, was discharged!

"She passed out roses and left in style thanks to HEB."

"She is our hero and we can’t wait to see all she accomplishes in the future!" the hospital added.

Mayah survived the horrific school shooting on May 24th, 2022.

21 people lost their lives in the Robb Elementary School shooting in May.

17 others were also wounded during the shooting.

Police found 18-year-old Salvador Ramos guilty of the shooting. He also shot his grandmother in the face before the shooting.

A GoFundMe has been set up to support Mayah as she continues her recovery.

Her parents have thanked the public for their constant support.

"Mayah has a very long road to recovery, and we’re going to be with her the entire way.

"This long road includes numerous surgeries Mayah had undergone, future surgeries she may require, future hospital and doctor’s visits, mental health/trauma treatment, amongst many other things."

The public has kindly donated $115,000 to Mayah so far. Her family praised the public for being so generous during such an unbearable time.

Feature Image: University Health