10 Super Heroes We Want Our Kids To Look Up To 4 years ago

10 Super Heroes We Want Our Kids To Look Up To

Who was your favourite super hero when you were growing up? Wonder Woman? Super Girl? Maybe the Power Puff Girls? 

To celebrate McDonald's Super Hero Family Fun Day, here are 10 super heroes we want out kids to look up to.

Check them out below - let us know if you agree!

1. Wonder Woman


A kick-ass lady with incredible style and super-human strength? Yes, please.

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2. Super Man


He's smart, honest, and always trying to do the right thing. We all know that the Man of Steel is an all-round good guy.

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3.  Spider-Man


A math genius who values honour and family above everything else? Sounds good to us.

Image via Marvel.com

4. Captain America


Brave, determined and kind, Captain America is one of the most likeable heroes around. What's not to love?

Image via wikia.com

5. Power Puff Girls


Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are a lot tougher than they look. Using their super powers to fight the bad guys, they're a symbol of strength and girl power!

5. Iron Man


A billionaire using his money and intelligence to make the world a safer place sounds about right to us.

Image via wikia.com


6. The Flash


The fastest super hero around, we love the message behind his crime-fighting ways.

Image via cwtv.com

7. Batman


With his endless array of gadgets and iconic symbol of hope, everyone knows that Bruce Wayne is the ultimate cool super hero.

8. Super Girl


Flight, superhuman strength and speed, super hearing and x-ray vision are just some of Super Girl's brilliant array of powers. We'd be happy with just one of them!

9. Wolverine


He does everything he needs to do to protect the ones he loves, and that's good enough for us.

Image via weknowyourdreamz,.com

10. Green Lantern


The Green Lantern faces his fears to master his powers - a really powerful message for out little ones.


Calling all Super Heroes! Head to the McDonalds Family Fun Day in stores nationwide on February 18th from 12pm - 6pm. There'll be face-painting, balloon modelling and lots more super fun activities!

Everyone can feel like a Super Hero at McDonald's Family Fun Day! 

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