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28th Dec 2018

10 top tips for throwing a New Year’s Eve bash when you’re strapped for cash

Staying in will be better craic and could save you a fortune.

Denise Curtin

Because who can deal with trying to get a taxi home from town?

So instead, let’s take the party to our place.

If you, like many of us are thinking of skipping the pub Monday night and instead opting to host the party yourself, then fear not we are here to help.

As our funds are at a serious stretch (we mean we are basically completely broke), we have compiled a list of 10 helpful tips so you can still be the hostess with the mostess.

Here are 10 tips to save the day.

10. Don’t buy champagne

Big no. Instead opt for Prosecco or Cava. It’s cheaper, it still looks good in a flute glass and it’s all about the fizz at the end of the day anyways.

9. Make the party BYOB

This goes without saying. Obviously, have a few bottles of fizz for the big countdown and the initial arrival of your guests, but don’t play waitress topping up their drinks all night long. No no. Instead, mention to all your friends that you will have drinks on the night, but it would be best if everyone brought what they like to drink as you are not sure of everyone’s taste. Success.

8. Make your own decor

No need to spend insane money on loads of signs and postage that say “Happy New Year”… we all know why we are gathering. Instead make sure your Christmas tree is in your hosting room, wrap some fairy lights around the place (stairs, mantlepiece etc) and maybe invest €2 in a few packets of confetti and voila – you are sorted.

7. Order takeaway

Instead of cooking a big lavish meal, that will only induce stress and pain on you and your wallet, wait until your guests arrive and get a takeaway together, that way everyone is eating together, chipping in on the main cost and there is no disgusting clean-up. Hurrah!

6. Buy cheap nibbles

People nowadays seem to go OTT on party nibbles. Nobody eats that 6kg bag of salted nuts, WHY are you buying them? Nobody likes those fancy-pants seed sticks, leave em’ off. Instead a few nachos and dips, a bit of cheese and grapes are ALL you need to get.

5. Limit the friends list

We know you love Sarah’s cousin Billy’s wife Mags but does she really NEED to be at the party? Limit the list to your nearest and dearest in order to keep the night a non-costly one. We know it seems harsh but look desperate times…

4. Use the music channels as your DJ

Don’t have speakers? Don’t have a DJ? No problem. I live by using my music channels off my telly as my personal DJ, they provide nice background noise plus you never have to worry about changing song. Ideal.

3. Stash a few desserts in the freezer

It is a nice touch to have a few desserts after your dinner and it doesn’t have to cost much either. A few tubs of vanilla ice-cream, some melted Christmas leftover plain chocolate and some crushed up Crunchie bars make the most mouth-watering honeycomb dessert for less than €5 plus you’ll look like a kitchen goddess!

2. Start the party later

No need to invite your guests over too early, we get you’re excited but you will run out of food and bubbles and the night will feel like a drag for everyone. My key advice – 8pm is early enough.

1. Have fun

OK – I know I sound like cringe but seriously, the root of all successful events is down to the people who make it. If your running around stressed that people won’t have a good time, well then guess what… they won’t. Instead, sit back, relax and enjoy. You got this girlo.

Less stress, more success and all that jazz!