109 strollers left empty in Ukraine in memory of children killed 10 months ago

109 strollers left empty in Ukraine in memory of children killed


Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine there have been many shocking and devastating images shared on the news.

Over the weekend the people of Ukraine held a memorial for the children who have been killed during the attacks on their country and it is absolutely heartbreaking.

Over the weekend 109 strollers were placed outside Lviv City Hall to represent the children's lives that have been lost.

According to the Ukrainian federal prosecutors, as of last Friday 109 children have been killed in the Russian invasion, and another 130 injured.


Images of harrowing memorial have since gone viral with celebrities and activists such as Mia Farrow sharing them to bring awareness to what is happening in Ukraine.

Speaking to Reuters about the memorial Zhuravka Natalia Tonkovyt said;

"Remember your children when they were small and sitting in strollers like these.

Some (children) will not be put into these strollers because they are dead. Compare it to your own children, remember your feelings towards your own children... I want to see no empty stroller."

As it stands the largest number of victims came from Kyiv Oblast, where 55 children were killed.

Many mothers and their children are still trying to evacuate to neighbouring countries.