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21st Oct 2021

14-year-old boys charged for allegedly launching lit firework at baby in pram

Laura Grainger

The mother of the child is said to have been “in complete shock and tears.”

Two teenage boys have been charged by Police Scotland over an incident in which a lit firework was allegedly launched at a baby in a pram.

Onlookers claim the boys had been loitering around and “looking quite dodgy” before letting off the firework at a square in Shawlands, Glasgow on Tuesday afternoon.

Witness Elizabeth Gonzales-Hardman, who was there with her own toddler and a pal, said the firework landed on another mother’s pram which thankfully had its rain cover on.

Speaking to Glasgow Live, she said: “There were two or three boys loitering around, and it was only when my friend said ‘what are those boys up to?’ that I looked up and saw them looking quite dodgy.

“They must have been about 14 or 15. The next minute they started running towards us, holding their phones out as if they were filming something.

“Mother’s instinct kicked in and I moved towards my baby, but when I looked up, I just saw there was a firework going off, and it went straight onto the top of one of the other mothers’ prams and kept spinning for ages.”

Elizabeth and her friend screamed in panic as the boys ran off. She said the mother of the child who was in the pram the firework landed on was left “in complete shock and tears.”

“If she hadn’t had the rain cover on god knows what would have happened to the baby,” she added.

Police Scotland later charged two 14-year-old boys “in connection with culpable and reckless conduct” over the incident, a spokesperson confirmed.

Chief Inspector Neil McLeod said that “anti-social behaviour associated with the use of fireworks” would “not be tolerated” and that anyone involved in incidents like this “will be brought to account for their actions.”