'Christmas miracle' as photo lost on Dublin Bus gets back to owner 1 year ago

'Christmas miracle' as photo lost on Dublin Bus gets back to owner

"It's a Christmas miracle!"

A sentimental black and white photo of two women found on Dublin Bus has been reunited with it's owner in what is being called a "Christmas miracle".

An appeal was launched last week on social media after a woman called Heather, who was  travelling on the 37 Dublin Bus, spotted the wallet sized photo on the ground.

The seemingly sentimental picture, which was slightly frayed at the edges, featured two women beaming at the camera.

She shared the image online in the hopes to be able to get in touch with the owner.

She said:

"I'm after finding this wallet photo of two lovely ladies on the floor of a 37  idk where to post it to try and find the owner, going to try Facebook but wonder if someone on twitter might know what I should do to get it back!!

"It looks so sentimental, I really hope it makes it back to the owner."

And, after a few days, it looks like there is a happy ending to the story.

Dublin Bus shared the news of the "Christmas miracle" on Tuesday, as they confirmed that the photo was reunited with its owner.

They went on to thank everyone for the assistance during the social media appeal.

Featured image via twitter/Ashen Hoonter