5 cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix perfect for Sunday viewing 4 years ago

5 cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix perfect for Sunday viewing

Tis the season...

If winter Sundays are good for one thing it’s binge-watching.

Yes, our Netflix activity peeks on the last day of our weekend, with all the latest releases getting their chance to be added to our viewed list.

Well, with just over a week to go until Christmas Day, we’re knee-deep in festive films and today’s binge-athon is certainly no different.

Yes, if you find yourself at home, on the couch, by the fire and looking to find the perfect holiday film on Netflix (or just the latter) then we’ve got just what you need.

While all the classics should be saved for evenings with family or friends, there are plenty of cheesy Christmas films out there that are best-enjoyed solo.

We’re talking the terribly soppy movies that are usually reserved for Christmas24 but have now made their way to Netflix.

Yes, if cheesy Christmas flicks are your thing, then you’re in luck.


Here are five of the best on Netflix right now.

1. Christmas Inheritance

Plot: To inherit her father’s company, socialite Ellen must first visit his small hometown, where she learns the value of hard work and helping others.


2. A Christmas Prince

Plot: Christmas comes early for an aspiring young journalist when she’s sent abroad to get the scoop on a dashing prince who’s poised to be king.


3. Christmas Eve

Plot: A citywide power outage traps eccentric New Yorkers in six different elevators on Christmas Eve, forcing them to reconsider their lives.


4. Angel of Christmas

Plot: While researching a family heirloom, a jilted news staffer uncovers the ornament’s magical past and meets someone special, perhaps not by coincidence.


5. A Wish For Christmas

Plot: After Sara’s boss steals her bright idea, she asks Santa for the courage to stand up for herself. But can 48 hours of magic make a lasting difference?