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16th Jan 2018

A 6-year-old boy has died after coming in contact with a bat

Very sad.

Laura Holland


A 6-year-old boy in America has died after he touched a bat.

Ryker Roque’s father came upon a sick bat and brought it into their house to try and help it. It was kept in a bucket and 6-year-old Ryker was told not to touch it but he didn’t heed the warnings and ended up getting scratched by the bat.

His dad admitted that he didn’t bring him to the hospital because his son was afraid of getting an injection, and so they just cleaned out the wound.

Days later, Ryker complained that his fingers were numb and he was admitted to hospital.

He had contracted rabies from the bat and was given a 0% chance of survival.

His parents had started a GoFundMe page when he was first admitted to hospital to pay for his medical bills but they later updated the page to confirm that he had died.

“We are so sad to say that Ryker lost his fight last night. He is still a winner in our hearts. Thank you all for the prayers, beautiful words and generous donations. It has really meant the world. Our little baby is now an angel.”