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29th Apr 2017

A litter of 7 adorable terrier pups delivered by c-section now need names

Gillian Fitzpatrick

She’s a proud mum of seven little ones – two boys and five girls – all of whom were recently delivered by emergency c-section.

Say hello to gorgeous Dottie, a black-and-white Jack Russell cross who is currently parenting her lively brood at the National Animal Centre in Longford.

The new mum was heavily pregnant when she arrived at the charity recently and had to receive urgent veterinary care, along with food, clean water, and bedding.

“She was huge. She was about to burst,” a spokesman told

It was quickly decided that Dottie’s small frame was “too tiny to undergo the ordeal of a natural birth,” and while it’s not unusual for terriers of her size to have large litters, carrying seven pups was simply too much.

Taking to Facebook to share her story, the ISPCA explained: “Last Monday, Dottie gave birth by emergency C-section to seven little puppies (two boys and five girls) and we were relieved they were all okay.

“We dreaded to think what could have happened to Dottie and to her new born puppies if we were not there to provide urgent veterinary care.

“Dottie is a fantastic mum and now we hope you can help us name the puppies.”

The seven pups will also need new homes in about two months’ time.

The ISPCA needs to build a dedicated space for new mums and puppies so dogs just like Dottie can have a quiet area away from the noise of main kennels. Find out more here.