9-month-old baby attacked at daycare by 2-year-old child 4 years ago

9-month-old baby attacked at daycare by 2-year-old child

*Warning: graphic image*

This is absolutely awful.

A 9-month-old baby was 'attacked' at his daycare centre in Arkansas in the US.

The baby appears to have teeth marks and scratch wounds all across his face and back.

LaToya Griffen, the mother of the baby said that the centre workers neglected her child and did not take immediate action when he was being hurt.

She told KSLA that she dropped her baby off at 9am before she went to work, but was called to come back and collect her child a few hours later.


"And this is what I came to, my 9-month-old child looking like this," she said.

"The worker said another 2-year-old child had climbed in the playpen while he was asleep and had attacked him."

Her son had been bitten more than 30 times, as well as scratched. However, LaToya explained that the daycare worker "said my baby didn't cry and he didn't make any noises while all of this was going on.

"But I just find that impossible."

Police investigator Larry Marion said: "Right now, we are trying to determine if that is the correct story - if it was a child that bit the kid or if there was any kind of neglect or failure to watch from the daycare center."

The Arkansas Department of Human Services as well as the state and police are looking into the matter, with Human Services taking corrective action on the daycare centre.