92% of Irish people say a good night's sleep is their top health priority in 2022 1 year ago

92% of Irish people say a good night's sleep is their top health priority in 2022

Do you think that you get enough sleep?

With three in four people feeling healthy and in control of their personal well-being this year, its clear that healthy habits picked up during the pandemic are here stay according to the latest Health Report from Core.

The research found that a balanced approach to both physical and mental health is more important than ever, with 70 per cent of people saying they now focus on their mental health just as much as their physical.

60per cent of the population exercise at least once a week while monitoring their diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

However, the report also reveals that people plan to continue to take a more holistic approach towards their health through a variety of self care and well-being activities including, cutting back on social media (29 per cent), embracing the great outdoors by getting out in nature (22 per cent) and prioritising enough sleep each night (31 per cent).


Since Core began tracking the Irish nations attitudes and behaviours towards health and fitness in 2016, stress has been a dominating emotion in most people’s lives.

While it continues to be the emotion most felt by over a quarter (28 per cent) of the adult population in the past 6 months, this is a significant drop compared to 2021 (-8 per cent).

Speaking with us today, co-author of the report, and Senior Research Manager at Core, Lindsey McAteer, says:

“In 2022 citizens will substitute virtual spaces with physical and sociable outlets.

While there is still a demand for wearable fitness devices and tracking via apps, the intended uptake of virtual/online alternatives to working out and talking to friends or family has decreased in favour of visiting gyms and exercise classes.

What is most evident from the Core Research HEALTH 2022 report is how we intend to maintain our focus on health. As highlight as one of the five central themes of our PREDICT 22 report, Health and Well-Being is a key component of how people live their life in Ireland. Acknowledging how health incorporates food, fitness and well-being is now fully established in the Irish psyche.”

Research fieldwork was conducted by Core Research, 1,000 adults interviewed online in January 2022, representative of the adult population of Ireland.