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25th May 2018

A nap bar exists in Madrid and mamas, we need to visit right now

Any excuse for a nap.

Cathy Donohue

In fabulous news of a Friday, we’ve discovered that Madrid is home to its very own nap bar.

Feeling tired constantly is a major bugbear for busy mamas and any excuse for a nap is welcomed.

Siesta&Go offers both private and shared rooms for much-needed shut-eye or if you just want to chill, you can hang out in one of the many cosy armchairs.

There’s coffee on tap and you can get in your comfy clothes, with nightwear and slippers provided, and if you wanted to, there’s the option to rent a workspace too.

The nap bar has been open for around a year but not everyone knows about it and we figure that every mama needs to be told that a place like this actually exists.sleeping woman

Siestas are the norm in Spain and we’re totally on board because when you’re a mum, with a million and one things on your plate, any opportunity to rest your eyes is welcomed.

This isn’t the first ‘napping’ establishment with similar spaces in Brussels, Tokyo, and Dubai but let’s be honest, the more of these the better!

Now, to figure out a date that suits you and your best ladies because this trip sounds like the perfect way to relax.

Main image via Facebook: Siesta & Go