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26th Jan 2018

A Peppa Pig theme park is opening in a DREAM location

Cathy Donohue

As parents know all too well, children are transfixed by Peppa, George and co and this news may come as a welcome surprise.

A Peppa Pig theme park is opening in what can only be described as a dream location, Italy’s Lake Garda.

Yes, ‘Peppa Pig Land’ is getting its own spot at Gardaland, the popular amusement park located near Lake Garda.

This isn’t the first Peppa Pig themed adventure land as the first Peppa Pig World can be found in the United Kingdom, more specifically at Paultons Park in Hampshire, England.

However, it has to be said that the idea of going to visit the theme park and have a fabulous holiday with sun, pizza, gelato and maybe some wine, is very, very tempting.

Peppa Pig theme park

According to The Sun, the new theme park will have Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride, Grandpa Pig’s Train Ride and Pirate Island Boat Ride.

It’s said to be inspired by some of Peppa’s favourite activities including ‘“playing, dressing up, enjoying outdoor days and splashing about in muddy puddles” so you know they’ll just adore it.

Your little ones will be only delighted at the chance to check out Peppa’s yellow house and wait for it, meet Peppa and George.

A holiday both parents and children will enjoy? Sounds good to us…