A 'pregnant' Barbie is parodying blogger mums on Instagram and it's spot on 2 years ago

A 'pregnant' Barbie is parodying blogger mums on Instagram and it's spot on


Barbie is someone a lot of us have grown up with and now, just like us, she's now got a family of her own.

Meet Tiff, the millennial Barbie mum we can't stop looking at.

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Tiff is mum to kids Wyatt and Kelly and has announced that she's expecting baby number three with hubby Ken in April.

The family has gone slightly viral - Tiff now has an Instagram following of over 79,000 people.

The account brilliantly parodies those blogger mums we're all guilty of following with its heavily choreographed images of 'fun' family moments and #relatable captions.

15 WEEKS !!! (4 months) ? I've been gaining a lot of energy lately, and weight !! Sooo I have been on mommy workout, just 30 minutes everyday ?. Guess what ! The baby moves and swallows already !!! But I can't feel anything yet. I just know that because it said so on the @whattoexpect book ?. Ive been eating lots and lots peanuts ? the more you eat the better chance your little peanut won't be allergic ?. My other favorite product has been Kleenex I have been having a runny nose lately so they are a life saver ?. I forget a lot of things too !!!! The other day Kelly fell asleep in the car so I had forgotten all about her existence and left her there ?. Ken's favorite products has been ear plugs, he said I snore a lot ? but that's just a temporary symptom ??. P.S I am no longer constipated. Thank you for all your great tips ?#15weeks#momsofinstsgram#pregnancy#babykiff2018

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The attention to detail that goes into the photos and the captions is incredible, as is level of engagement Tiff gets on her posts.

Fans shower her with compliments and questions, spurring her to keep sharing her life online.

Our favourite content that Tiff comes out with has to be her videos - we especially love the moment in this date day one where Ken and Tiff 'dive' into the lake.

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Serious snaps to whoever the mad genius behind this account is.

Tiff and Ken, best of luck with your new arrival next month.

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