Everything you need to know about abortion being legal in Ireland 3 years ago

Everything you need to know about abortion being legal in Ireland

It is official. Abortion is legal in Ireland.

After a monumental year in 2018 when we repealed the 8th Amendment, and after many back and forth discussions in the Dáil, it is now legal to seek an abortion in the country.

The Department of Health posted on their official Twitter account that: "Abortion services will be provided by the HSE, through GPs or family planning services, and in maternity units and hospitals across the country, from today. Abortion care will be free of charge to people who need it."

The tweet provided a link with information on when an abortion can be carried out and what types are available.

It also states for anyone living in the Republic of Ireland, the HSE will provide the abortion for free.

"An abortion is available for free through the HSE if you live in the Republic of Ireland.


"If you live outside the Republic of Ireland, you can have an abortion in the Republic of Ireland. But you will have to pay for it."

The website also states: "You can have an abortion if your pregnancy is no more than 12 weeks. 12 weeks of pregnancy means 84 days since the first day of your last period.

"After 12 weeks, you can only have an abortion in certain circumstances. The earlier an abortion is carried out, the simpler and safer it will be."

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