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16th Mar 2018

Acrylic wedding decorations are very in now and they are stunning

Jade Hayden

Looking for something a bit different?

Planning a wedding is hard, especially if you want to be creative.

You have all these ideas in your head of what you want your wedding to be like, and then at the end of the day you just have so much to do you give up and let everyone do whatever.

Or, you take the reigns and absolutely hold onto them the whole way through, injecting yourself into every part of that wedding so all of your guests know how deliciously creative and unique you are.

There is no in between.

Either way though, if you’re looking for a bit of creative inspo re: decorations that you definitely won’t be seeing everywhere this year, look no further than clear acrylics.

Like, you’ll probably be seeing them some places because they’re getting fairly popular and are #ontrend now but they’re still very unique indeed so it’s grand, whatever.

Clear acrylic is actually ideal enough for weddings too because it looks like glass, but instead of being actual glass it’s super light and pretty much impossible to break.

It’s also not that expensive if you shop around.

Everything from welcome signs to menus to seating charts can be made using clear acrylic to give your wedding the minimalist vibe that you wouldn’t be able to achieve by just shopping in Tiger.

There are a good few bits for sale over on Etsy that you can order with your personalised text.

Prices range from about a tenner to €200 depending on what you’re ordering, but the result will ensure that your wedding is that little bit different compared to everyone else’s, so it’s worth it if you’ve got the cash.

If you’re just looking for inspiration either, there are a lot of pics up on Pinterest to suit any theme or vibe.

Feature image via PaperandPineCo.