Adele shares gorgeous Christmas snap but the reaction to it is incredibly frustrating 2 years ago

Adele shares gorgeous Christmas snap but the reaction to it is incredibly frustrating

Adele has shared a glam Christmas snap and we just adore her beautiful dress.

Posing with the Grinch, whom kindly attended her Christmas party, the award-winning singer wished her followers a happy festive season.

The mum of one is feeling the Christmas spirit too as she wrote:

"We both tried to ruin Christmas but then both our hearts grew! Thank you for coming to my party and making us feel like kids Grinch. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone x".

What is frustrating about the snap though is the amount of people discussing the 31-year-old's weight.

She has been described as "unrecognisable" which we completely disagree with and instead of just enjoying the snap and the gorgeous glamour, her weight is the centre of attention for many.


Aside from the many publications that have gone with this slant, many of her followers have left similar comments on the snap which we imagine gets pretty tired, pretty quick.

Jameela Jamil waded in on the conversation too, talking to Twitter to voice her opinion:

"Adele was beautiful before. Is beautiful now. Will be beautiful WHATEVERTHEFUCK weight she will be in the future. The weight of a global icon trending is a sign there is still work to do in how we value women in 2020. Being thinner doesn’t add to her value. She was born 100 percent".

Instead of simply chatting about the combination of the Grinch and Adele in one room, talk has turned to appearance yet again and it's refreshing to see that people are speaking out against it.

We adore Adele and to echo Jameela's words, she will be beautiful regardless of her weight - the same goes for every woman everywhere.