(Adorable) photo of naked toddler landed this famous mum in trouble 6 years ago

(Adorable) photo of naked toddler landed this famous mum in trouble

Another day, another mum shaming debacle.

This time it is actress Olivia Wilde who has found herself in the hot seat for sharing a (completely adorable) photo of her too-cute-for-words toddler on Instagram.

The issue? Little Otis is nude. Wilde, who is engaged to fellow actor Jason Sudeikis, posted the sweet snap to her profile a few days ago with the caption: "Naked Cowboy" as her 19-month-old son can be seen standing – back towards the camera – with a cowboy hat on his head.


Now; to the majority of us, there really are few things cuter in the world than a toddler's bum, no? I mean; seriously? The way it is SO white compared to the rest of their skin. The sheer squidgy-ness of it. The little dimples? Toddler bums beat kittens in the cuteness stakes; hands down.

But despite the fact that parents have been taking adorable nude snaps of their offspring since cameras were invented, some of 31-year-old Wilde's Instagram followers were quick to dish our their two cents worth after seeing the picture.

Instagram user Shermanone wrote: “more people will “like” that than you wish. Your naked child is nothing you upload in the world wide web where it stays forever..” Another follower scolded Wilde, commenting: “I don’t wanna see kid porn.” While Instagram user Savevanzett went even further, posting “Reporting for kiddie porn."

Riiiight. I know the Internet is big and scary and forever, but surely this is a bit much, no?

Not everyone were equally critical, and some of Wilde's other Instagram followers were quick to defend the actress' decision to post the sweet snap.

"If you look at this and see porn, the problem is with you, not the pic. YOU NEED HELP," Instagram user meghannimal wrote. Another follower simply stated: "Super cute. It’s a baby bum. Get over it, trolls.”


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