Mum believes parents shouldn't charge adult kids rent for living at home- do you agree? 1 year ago

Mum believes parents shouldn't charge adult kids rent for living at home- do you agree?

Should adult children pay rent or is it wrong?

Renting in Ireland just isn't a feasible option for most adults in their 20s.

People are forced to fork out €1400 a month for a 'studio apartment' which is actually just a kitchen with a bed in it and the world's smallest toilet.

Most people end up staying at home with their parents in order to save for a mortgage.

It's not an ideal solution, but it is far better than living in one of Ireland's so-called apartments.

Many young people would sooner pay their parents rather than a landlord who thinks it is okay for people to live and cook in the same room. I'd sooner give my parents a few hundred quid than giving it to a landlord who will never fix the fridge no matter how many times you ask.

I have no issue with paying my rent at home. I actually feel really grateful to be living here and handing money over to my parents.

However, one mum said it is wrong of parents to ask their adult children to pay rent.


She told Mumsnet, "I have a few friends who charge their adult DC rent to live at home. I personally find this very strange, no matter their age my children will always be my children and welcome in my home without any expectation of money."

She added, "I think as well with it being so hard for young people to get on the housing ladder these days one of the only ways they can is to live at home rent-free so they can save for a deposit."

Numerous parents said it isn't as easy for parents who are struggling financially.

One mum shared, "That’s all very well if you’re wealthy. We aren’t. So our adult dc who lives at home can’t live here for free!!! Why should we fully support another adult when struggling ourselves?"

"How will they learn to manage their money and budget if they don’t pay rent?" another said.

Another added, "My parents asked for a 10% contribution of my monthly wages once I was out of full-time education and I never begrudged this. Why should I keep all of my money whilst my parents pay all the bills and do all the shopping etc? I was still able to save, enjoy my free time and it definitely taught me good life skills. Each to their own."

What do you think? Do you agree with the mum or is it totally acceptable for adult children to pay rent?