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05th Dec 2017

Alexandra Burke hits back at ‘lies’ being published about her Strictly journey

It's all kicking off!

Laura Holland

It’s all kicking off!

This year’s Strictly Come Dancing has been full of drama, and it has all been pointed at Alexandra Burke. Stories have emerged about her arguments with her dance partner and her conflicts with other stars.

As with all of these stories, it comes from a ‘source’ on set so you have to take them with a pinch of salt. The first was about Alexandra being annoyed with her dance partner for getting close with fellow celebrity Gemma.

Then it was believed that Alexandra was getting overly competitive with Debbie McGee. The latest story, which came from The Sun, suggested that she had a meltdown after she was in the bottom two.

Fed up with the constant stream of negative press, Alexandra decided to reach out to Dan Wootton from The Sun to try and stop the negative stories and ‘lies’ that have been published about her.

She said, “Dan – every-time we have met you’ve been lovely. I’m finding it hard to read all of the lies that you have published about me. I’ve tried my best to just be strong and brush it all off but mentally it’s taking its toll. It hurts so much to read yet another fake story when all I want to do is enjoy this journey on Strictly. Please spread love… life is just too short for all of this. With love, Alexandra x.”

He snapped back saying, “Hi Alex, we worked closely together for many years so you should know that I’d NEVER write fake news. You can be difficult. Nothing wrong with that. So can I. But these stories are coming from people backstage and on Strictly unprompted to my team. Good luck on Saturday”

He also followed with another response saying, “PS: All stories are always put to you and Strictly officially to allow you to respond. As we did previously, you can always speak to me direct about anything using all my contact details which you have!”

And to further fight his case, he also shared times when he has supported the singer.