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04th Aug 2017

Almost half of couples in this country cheated on their partner

At least it's not Ireland.

Jade Hayden


That’s a lot of infidelity.

Whether you’re from New Zealand, Norway, or the Netherlands, cheating on your husband or wife is never a sound thing to do.

Although many of us pride ourselves on saying that we’ve never done the dirty on a partner, the fact of the matter is that people do cheat all the time – and now we’ve got the stats to prove it.

Online doctor and medical advice website Dr. Felix have crunched the numbers and figured out what country has the highest rate of infidelity among married couples.

And don’t worry – it’s not Ireland.


According to their data, a substantial 46 percent of people in Denmark say that they have had an extra-marital affair. The Scandinavians continue representing, with 41 percent of married Norwegians also admitting to have cheated on their partner.

In third were the folks over in Iceland, followed by Finland, with both countries coming in at 39 percent and 36 percent respectively.

As it turns out, the Scandinavians were also the most likely bunch to have a one night stand, with about two-thirds of people living in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland all saying they’ve had sex with someone on a one-off.

The global average for this is just 44 percent.


Dr. Felix compiled data from many different studies around the world over a time span of three months, filtering out the uninteresting research to provide a picture of global sex-related trends, and how they differ from place to place.

They also discovered that while more women fantasise about having sex in a “romantic location,” more men fantasise about oral sex or having sex with two women at the same time.

Men are also more fond of masturbation, with 95 percent of them engaging in the act regularly. 85 percent of women said they masturbate, with over half of them using a sex toy.

The findings also showed that 90 percent of people masturbate in the shower.

Dr. Felix’s research is nothing short of extensive, so feel free to have a read of some of the group’s other findings here.

From doing it Greek to keeping it Canadian, you’re sure to find something that’ll take your fancy.