Amanda Byram gets honest about her breastfeeding struggles 4 months ago

Amanda Byram gets honest about her breastfeeding struggles

Amanda Byram has opened up about her breastfeeding journey.

The new mum said she has felt the pressure to "get it right".

"You’d think after millions of years of evolution breastfeeding would be easy. Maybe for some it is but I’ve found it to be really fiddly. So many differing techniques to learn and heaps of pressure to get it right."

Amanda wanted to open up about her experience so other women struggling don't feel alone.

"I wasn’t prepared for this, and so much pressure is put on us to get it right off the bat.

"Please know you’re not alone, I’m with you in those painful night feeds, and I feel your cracked nipple pain, endless hot baths, and swollen, bruised Montgomery’s."

She said she turned a corner after five weeks.

The mum said some days are better than others, but her son Phoenix is gaining lots of weight.


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She said her baby boy is her "driving force".

"I hope I can keep going because when we get it right it is the most special feeling."

The presenter urged parents to remember that feeding their baby is what matters most.

"Everyone’s journey is different and is equally special."

Amanda revealed she welcomed her baby boy Phoenix into the world in November.

The 48-year-old said her journey to motherhood was not a smooth one.

"Our fertility journey has been long," she shared.

Amanda said she understands the heartbreak, hopelessness and devastation that many people are currently facing.

"You are powerful warriors, I know your pain, and I see you. We send you all the strength you need to tackle your journeys."