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29th Jun 2017

AMAZING! Dublin Zoo have shown off the inside of its T-Rex exhibit

Phoenix Park or Jurassic Park?

Stan the T-Rex is now the first of numerous dinosaurs to take his place in Dublin Zoo’s brand new Zoorassic World.

Today Dublin Zoo shared a Facebook video showing us a short snippet of the hard work going on behind the scenes in their effort to create the brand new and outstanding dinosaur display.

The exciting new attraction which opens on July 7 will boast a whole bunch of the pre-historic creatures and we must admit, it has us all rather thrilled we’ll be making a return trip to one of Ireland’s most popular destinations.

Clearly we aren’t the only ones as the time lapse clip has everyone’s anticipation growing as seen from the comments below. We think we may just have found ourselves the perfect place to bring our budding little explorers during the summer holidays now ey?


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