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09th Mar 2023

Amy Hart reveals son’s gorgeous name and the special meaning behind it

Ellen Fitzpatrick

So stunning.

Amy Hart has revealed her newborn baby son’s name and it has the most special meaning behind it.

Following the announcement of his birth earlier this week, Amy took to Instagram once again to share her baby’s name.

She wrote in a stunning post: “Stanley Samuel Giles Rason. Stanley: We loved the name and also Amy’s Grandad Geoffs middle name.

“Samuel: After @samuelrason obviously but also Amys brother is Samuel too! Giles: Nanny and Grandads last name, hopefully he’ll inherit their love of shots!”

Amy went on to share a series of snaps of baby Stanley, posting the description of each picture in that caption.

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The Love Island star wrote: “[photos: 1) a couple of hours old, Baby Stanley already got Mummy’s back to prove that Amy’s big lips are indeed genetic 2) when Daddy says he’s going home for the evening].”

The reality star gave birth to a healthy baby boy on March 3rd.

Amy revealed she had contractions at home for four days. She also spent five days in the hospital following her son’s birth.

However, the mum and her baby boy are both doing well and are finally home from hospital.

Alongside a series of photos of her family, Amy wrote;

“Well…. 4 days of contractions at home (which everyone told us were Braxton hicks…they weren’t), 4 very short hours in the delivery suite, and 5 long days in hospital later, we are home with our dreamy baby boy.

“Born at 3.31 am on 3/3/23 weighing 8lbs with the most beautiful head of hair.”

The new mum joked that she would take the nine months of reflux again because of her son’s beautiful hair.

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