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06th May 2016

So Ireland’s New Taoiseach Has Been Elected…

Katie Mythen-Lynch

But (surprise!) it’s the same one we had before.

Yep; ten long weeks since the country went to the polls, Enda Kenny has been re-elected as Taoiseach, by a margin of 49 to 59.

Mr Kenny makes history as the first Fine Gael leader to be re-elected to the role, after the party set a deadline of noon today for the fourth vote for Taoiseach since the general election way back in February 26.

According to reports, Mr Kenny received support from five members of the Independent Alliance, although Michael Fitzmaurice abstained.

He pledged “to devise and implement solutions to the problems facing our people”.

The Dáil will now rise until 5.30pm before resuming this evening to nominate the members of cabinet.