Public rally around Andrew McGinley after heartbreaking scam text involving his late children 4 months ago

Public rally around Andrew McGinley after heartbreaking scam text involving his late children

The public has been rallying around Andrew McGinley after he was targeted by scammers.

The dad received a heartbreaking message claiming to be one of his children.

Mr.McGinley shared the text with his Twitter followers and the public was outraged that someone would target him in such a cruel way.

The dad's three children, Conor, Darragh, and Carla, were killed by their mother in January 2020.

The message read, "Hi dad. I'm texting you off a friend's phone. I've smashed mine and their phone is about to die, can you call/text me on my new number."

After sharing a screenshot of the message, Mr. McGinley wrote, "A message from beyond. Not sure if it’s Conor, Darragh, or Carla. Good to know that mobiles work on the other side."

His followers were understandably stunned by the message considering all the dad-of-three has been through.

Others also told the dad they were targeted by the same scam.


One wrote, "They are very cruel scams, many reasons why they would upset someone but in your case particularly so."

"If mobiles worked ‘up there’ they would be sending ‘best dad ever’ texts," one kind follower said.

Another mum revealed she also received a similar scam message. She explained to Andrew that her husband had passed away years before. However, the scam text was addressed to both her and her husband.

"I received a similar message recently, but it started with, “hi mom and dad.” I have one child and her dad passed away four years ago," the mum shared.

The public has been warned not to interact with scam messages like the above. The best thing to do is to simply delete the message from your phone.

The public should also avoid giving out personal information, including bank details.


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