Andrew McGinley to sue the HSE after the murder of his children 4 months ago

Andrew McGinley to sue the HSE after the murder of his children

"I need to understand why my children died"

Andrew McGinley is suing the HSE for medical negligence.

The father lost his three children- Conor, Darragh, and Carla- after his wife suffocated them in January 2020.

His wife Deirdre is also taking separate legal action against the HSE.

The former nurse was found not guilty of her children's deaths by reason of insanity.

The dad-of-three told The Irish Mirror said, "Deirdre filed hers on Wednesday and I lodged mine [yesterday], so they’re separate, but the legal teams are working closely."

“I have worked towards this for two years, trying to find out why Conor, Darragh, and Carla died," he said.

“I know every graphic detail of how they died, but what I don’t know is the why," Andrew explained.

He said the case isn't about the money. He wants to stop this from happening to another family.


Andrew shared: “I fear that this could happen again to another family. The world of psychiatry needs to change.

“Family inclusion would have saved the lives of Conor, Darragh, and Carla died. Confidentiality should have been breached in our case.

“It can be breached if clinicians think the patient is a danger to themselves or others.

“A lot of the detail that was heard in court about Deirdre feeling a danger to herself and feeling like a bad parent was heard by me for the first time," he revealed.

“This is a process I would much rather not be taking, but I need to understand why my children died," Andrew stressed.

Deirdre Morley remains in the care of the Central Mental Hospital in Dundrum.

Morley is also suing the HSE – alleging it was gross medical negligence that lead to her children's murder in 2020.