Anti-Vax mum brags that she handed out lollipops tainted with chickenpox 8 months ago

Anti-Vax mum brags that she handed out lollipops tainted with chickenpox

This is shocking.

An awful confession by a mum has led to a police investigation in Australia.

The mother in question is believed to have given out tainted lollipops on Halloween which she then bragged about online in an anti-vaccination group.

A screenshot of the original post was taken and shared by Light For Riley which then went viral.

The mum in the original post wrote that her son had chickenpox and that she was going to 'help' other children by spreading it to them.

She added that she would spread the contagious condition to other children in her community and would even post tainted lollipops if requested.

Needless to say all of this caused quite a stir online with Light For Riley posting;

"Have you ever seen something that instantaneously makes your skin crawl?
How’s this:

1. Get excited by your child being infected with the chicken pox virus
2. Formulate a plan to intentionally infect other people’s children unknowingly by distributing contaminated lollipops to the community on Halloween
3. Proceed to gloat about it on a Facebook anti vaccination group."

Spreading conditions like chickenpox without the child or parents knowledge is extremely dangerous as some children have preexisting conditions or compromised immunity.

It is also dangerous because adults in their homes including pregnant women, elderly adults or those going through treatments like chemo could also be adversely effected.

According to Scary Mommy the original poster was reported she is currently being investigated by authorities.