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07th Dec 2017

If you have these ornaments on your Christmas tree, you’re posh

(Or weird) because these ornaments are rank

Well, no.

There’s nothing better than a well-decorated Christmas tree. And there’s certainly nothing better than having an evening with your family or friends decorating one.

However, Tatler has compiled a list of ornaments that make you posh… and we really don’t get it.

From a weird cloth Mr. Darcy to the Queen’s corgi… here’s a bunch of decorations that apparently make you… ‘high class’.

Mr Darcy

Just no. How weird. How creepy. We would not want this staring at us on Christmas morning either.

A rustic house peasant

Again, creepy. The description says, “You shoot them, you eat them, you need them on your tree.” NO.

A doggo ornament

This is the only thing we actually like on the list, because… cuteness.

The Queen’s corgi

It’s cute, yes. But is it needed? No.

Gin baubles

OK, we take back the doggo ornament being the only thing we like, because we LOVE these.

A lama

It’s a bit meh, to be honest. Plus, who would want 20 lamas staring at them throughout the festive season?

Shotgun shells

Really? Yes, they might be dressed up as a reindeer, but we rather not have shotgun shells on our tree, thanks.