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21st Dec 2017

Apparently, this is what posh people put in their Christmas stockings

A dog on a STRING?

Olivia Hayes

We all love a good Christmas stocking.

They’re always filled with little bits and bobs that you never thought you’d need, but you actually really want.

We love filling the kids stockings up too, with everything from chocolate to miniature toys, they always seen delighted with it.

However, Tatler has compiled a list of posh things to put in a Christmas stocking… and we don’t really know what to think of them.

Image result for christmas stocking

Here is the list of the ‘posh’ stuff:

  1. Bathroom loot
  2. Socks
  3. M&S (specific) knickers
  4. Chutney
  5. Gentleman’s relish
  6. Emma Bridgewater mug
  7. Cooking mit shaped like a crocodile or lobster
  8. Tiny cushion ornament shaped like a dog on a string (yes, really)
  9. A clementine

While some, like the socks and chutney, might be lovely, we’re not too sure about the cooking mit and the cushion shaped like a dog on a string… but sure, we’ll leave that to the posh people.