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28th Nov 2018

Apparently, this is the real reason Emmerdale’s Joe Tate was killed off

Keeley Ryan

Last month, Emmerdale fans were left devastated when Joe Tate was brutally  killed off.

The faux-millionaire fell and hit his head after he was punched by Cain Dingle. But ultimately, it was Graham Foster – whom Joe thought of as a dad-like figure – that killed him, after he noticed Joe’s finger twitch when loading his body into the boot of the car.

Despite actor Ned Porteous confirming his time in the village had come to an end, many fans remain were still convinced that Graham wouldn’t have been able to go through with killing Joe – and that the character will return any day now.

And although Andrew Scarborough – who plays Graham – previously admitted he didn’t think his character would have been able to kill Joe, he now appears to be a lot more certain of Joe’s fate.

On his former co-worker, he told the Sunday Post:

“I miss him dreadfully. We got on so well he almost became like a family member.

“We really did get it straight away and would both have ideas as to how to flesh out a scene.

“It was his decision to go but I miss him so much because he’s a great actor and a lovely bloke.”

Guess that settles it, so.