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20th Apr 2018

Apple is rumoured to be launching an affordable iPhone later this year

Yes please!

Wil Jones

News that will make iPhone users very happy.

Rumours are emerging about what Apple have planned next for the iPhone and it sounds very intriguing.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a tech analyst who has been pretty on the money with these things in the past, the new model will have a 6.1 inch display – even bigger than previous iPhone Plus handsets.

It will also have TrueDepth camera technology, used to for Face ID.

Best of all though, Kuo says it will retail $550 (around €447).

That’s a seriously good price for an iPhone and likely cheaper than some of the best comparable Android phones, though we don’t know what that’ll mean in terms of quality.

Kuo says that the lower price is to help Apple increase their market share in China.

The brand didn’t have as much success with the costly iPhone X as anticipated and so might be dipping its toe further into the mid-range smartphone market.

If it does, it won’t be Apple’s first ‘budget’ handset – that came with the iPhone SE in 2016.

Nothing has been confirmed but it’s thought that the announcement could come at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

The company has already rolled out two cheaper iPads to compete in a competitive tablet market it’s been struggling in.