Armagh school calls police over harmful TikTok video created by pupils 6 months ago

Armagh school calls police over harmful TikTok video created by pupils

The aim of the TikTok video was to humiliate teachers

A school in Co. Armagh has been forced to contact the PSNI after pupils created a harmful TikTok about the staff.

Lurgan Junior High School explained that the video rates teachers and contains concerning comments.

It is understood that the aim of the video is to humiliate and hurt teachers.

Pupils at the school are aged between 11 and 14.

Parents have been alerted about the video and are aware of the police involvement.

The school sent letters to parents expressing their concerns about the TikTok video.

“Lurgan Junior High has been made aware of Tik Tok accounts which have been set up to express harmful comments about some staff.


The school has referred the matter to the PSNI, the Belfast Telegraph revealed.

“This behaviour, while it appears to be part of a trend throughout Northern Ireland, is completely unacceptable," the school stressed.

“Should school become aware of any further posts of this nature they will be forwarded to PSNI along with the others referred to above."

Earlier this year, a trend on TikTok resulted in pupils damaging school property.

The video dared children to not only damage the school but to steal things from the premises too.

A school in Florida begged parents to talk to their children about the outlandish behaviour.

“Soap dispensers, exit signs, safety signage for fire rescue, and classroom telephones are just a few of the items that were removed and stolen this week. We do not want to see any of them arrested so PLEASE talk to your kids.

"If they are participating in this activity you will be hearing from an administrator and our School Resource Officer."

The school added. "Let’s work together to put a stop to this now.”