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19th Apr 2021

Ashley Cain shares “crazy belief” that baby Azaylia will “still be with us” for weeks to come

Sarah McKenna Barry

“We aren’t counting the days right now, we’re just doing our best to make the days count.”

Ex on the Beach star Ashley Cain took to Instagram last night to update his followers on his daughter’s condition.

Earlier this month, doctors told the family the heart-breaking news that Azaylia, who has leukemia, does not have long left to live.

Cain wrote about baby Azaylia’s condition on Instagram last night:

“We’ve had another tough day today. To be honest every single day is a very tough day. We don’t take Azaylia out of our sight for a single second at the moment, caring for her every need.”

He continued: “Today was the first time for days that she has been able to open her eyes. The swelling and the blood in her tears is causing her pain and forcing them to stick and shut.

“But with relentless care and improvisation we’ve managed to help her see the world again. Even though she doesn’t have much energy, she loved to see her surroundings today and had the loveliest little playtime.

“We even got a smile which was worth more than anything money can buy. As a parent it’s the hardest thing in the world to see your child like this, at home, with the painful inevitable fate pending.

“For some insane reason though I still have some crazy belief she will still be with us next week, the week after that and the week after that. But we aren’t counting the days right now, we’re just doing our best to make the days count.”

Last week, Azaylia’s mother Safiyya described the past few days as “torture”, though she said she would try and make every day “as happy, as fun and as playful as possible” for her daughter.

Just days ago, baby Azaylia received thousands of nominations for the Pride of Britain Award.