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17th Apr 2020

Author Emma Jane Lesson has released free home-school help on her website

Melissa Carton

Great news for parents.

While the kids have their Easter break from remote school work at the moment, with lock down lasting until at least May 5, there’s a lot more home schooling to do.

Both my husband and I are still working from home, so between our own work and helping our kids through their own school work, it can all get a bit chaotic and stressful.

Since quarantine was announced I’ve been trying to find any free online resources that I can to help get us through this period and if you’re a parent doing the same then this is definitely another resource to add to your list.

Founder of the Johnny Magory book series, Emma-Jane (EJ) Lesson, is celebrating one year in business with the release of Irish Wildlife Art Collection and Eco-friendly Irish Wildlife Puzzles.

EJ and Johnny Magory are also producing free home-school help on their website with free explorer guides, Wildlife Wednesdays and live readings.

Included in the free home-school help is tin whistle lessons, Irish language lessons, an Irish wild life directory, an outdoor explorers guide and even a downloadable QR code nature hunt.

This combined with your child’s online school work from their teacher should create a broad and well-rounded curriculum, adding nature and outdoor play into their usual routine.

There will also be Wildlife Wednesdays each week discussing a different animal and there are currently six videos available to watch.

If your child loves animals I would recommend sticking them on over the weekend for them.

Access to all of these resources is completely free of charge and to browse the home-school help features you can visit the Fun Stuff section or the page dedicated to the Wildlife Wednesday videos.