Calls for babies to be banned from the cinema 1 year ago

Calls for babies to be banned from the cinema

Should babies be banned from the cinema?

There have been calls to ban babies from the cinema. One disgruntled cinema-goer was less than impressed when their trip was disrupted by a tiny tot.

They called for babies to be banned from the cinema because it is not a suitable place for them.

Speaking to Reddit, the man explained that it is unfair for people who are paying to watch a movie.

They said the baby was crying throughout the film and it was hugely distracting.

"The mother took the baby out only once after it had been screeching for five straight minutes, despite it constantly making noise for about one-third of the movie," they explained.

"Once she came back it started to work itself up again," they added.


The person couldn't understand why she wouldn't just get a babysitter.

"I don’t understand why you can’t get a babysitter for your baby for the three hours you’re going to be at the movies, but instead have to bring the baby to the theatres and actively make everyone’s viewing experience worse."

"I don’t mind babies in other settings, but a f***ing movie??? Let alone a loud, action movie??? Come on! Theatres really need to ban babies."

Is the cinema a place where babies should be banned? A lot of people agreed with the man and felt the parent was being selfish.

However, others defended the mum and said she probably couldn't find anyone to mind her child. Maybe she had no choice but to bring the baby with her because she is a single parent.

Or maybe she likes bringing her child to the cinema? Doesn't she have a right to just as much as other cinema-goers?

What do you think?