Can babies start talking when they're 6 months old? 4 months ago

Can babies start talking when they're 6 months old?

At what age did your baby start talking?

As we all know, our kids learn and grow at different stages. One might have a head of hair when they're born, while others might not have any until they turn two. Some babies may be able to walk at just a few months, while others will crawl around until they're over the year mark.

And some babies can say words sooner than others.

However, this mum is concerned after one mum said that her baby can speak at 6 months.

She took to Mumsnet to say:

"I'm part of a Facebook group that relates to baby care. The other day someone 'introduced' their six month old with a list of their achievements (!), including 'I have said 'Mommy' three times'.

"Someone questioned this in the comments and was bombarded with other people insisting that their six month old says - with meaning and intention - 'Mama/Mommy/Mummy', 'Dada/Daddy', and a small selection of other words, such as 'Hi'.

"AIBU to think that this is a sweet but harmless delusion - their six month old is making random sounds but is not 'talking' - or is this really possible and I'm being mean? To be clear, either way I'm not going to say anything or be rude or anything, I'm just genuinely curious?"


Many mothers replied to the post, saying it's rather harmless, and she shouldn't be too fussed about it.

One said:

"My dd has some very clear words understandable by people outside the family at 9 months. I have always regarded her as a freak of nature- I have never heard another child who could do that. She was talking properly at 17 months but not walking. She was very plump and we called her the 'talking cottage loaf'."

While another wrote:

"There are noises babies make before they talk that are the sounds that make up words and it's really difficult to tell when they turn into actual words i think. And if she heard mummy then that's fine. If its not "mummy" yet it will be eventually.

"My oldest was saying actual responsible words at 10 months - in answer to questions which is when i counted it from! But that was way earlier than my youngest and my eldest couldn't stand herself up from the floor until she was 3. They all work stuff out at different speeds..."