Baby bath seat recalled over concerns it's a drowning hazard 1 year ago

Baby bath seat recalled over concerns it's a drowning hazard

Did you buy this bath seat?

Recently there was an urgent recall issued over Twitter regarding a baby bath seat that had been sold through Amazon.

Around 5,000 BATTOP Foldable Infant Bath Seats are being recalled after failing to meet safety standard for infant bath seats and concerns that it may be a drowning hazard.

Because the product was sold through Amazon it's unclear how many countries it was sold to but those who have purchased the bath seat are being asked to cease using the product.

The seat has been found to tip over while in use which poses a drowning hazard to children using the seat.

The BATTOP Foldable Infant Bath Seats were sold through the online shopping website from July to October 2020.

The model number BB2206 can be found on the sticker on the back of the bath seat with the following statement: Advertisement - Warning NEVER LEAVE YOUR CHILD UNATTENDED.


The BATTOP Foldable Infant Bath Seats was available in grey, blue and green versions and is pictured in detail above.

Amazon has said that they will be contacting all known purchasers directly to inform them of the recall but if you have bought or received this product as a gift and have not heard from Amazon you should contact them immediately.

Alternatively you can also contact the BATTOP company directly at for more information on what you should do with the seat and if you are entitled to a refund.

Most importantly of all though is to stop using the bath seat and store it away if it is currently in your bathroom.