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10th Aug 2017

A baby has died after suffocating in his car seat


Laura Holland

Very sad.

A one-year-old in America has died after he was incorrectly strapped into a car seat and was accidentally strangled. Little John Norris was in the care of a child minder when he was found dead after sleeping in his car seat.

The child minder, who has not been named, allowed the child to sleep in the car seat in the master bedroom of her home. She was also minding nine or ten other children at the time.

When the childminder returned to check on John he was unresponsive. It was later established that he had died as a result of strangulation from the car seat.

The minder had not secured him correctly and he suffocated under the buckle and strap as a result.

According to local news, Officer Brad Perez of FWPD said, “It appears the bottom belt strap was not properly connected, wasn’t inserted, and the child slid down the seat. The infant’s neck was caught between the car carrier chest buckle that was fastened, and the child appears to have suffocated by the means of the buckle and strap mechanism.”

The police are treating it as an accident but are investigating it further.